About the costs of the services we say with certainty that they are almost always lower by at least 50% compared to the purchase price of a new turbocharger. However, a personalized price offer is possible only following a specialized technical finding.


The stages of such a service are the following:

  • disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning in the bathroom and identification of turbocharger problems;

  • replacement of all defective or worn parts.

  • final testing - real-time dynamic regulation of air flow


  • Turbine shaft balancing;

  • Balancing the turbine shaft assembly

  • Balancing the central body and performing preliminary checks.


The reconditioning process includes the replacement of all wear parts, such as segments, bushings, seals, clamps, center shaft, etc.

Only new spare parts are used.

We provide a 12-month warranty for the refurbishment service.